Hoby village

The Hoby and District Local History Society

The society was founded in 2013 as part of a village First World War research project.

This website has been set up and is administered by members of Hoby and District Local History Society to research and record the history of the villages of Hoby, Rotherby, Ragdale and Brooksby; and their environs  to create an archive of local history which can be passed on to future generations.

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Annual subscription is £5 and guests at any meeting will be charged £2. In addition there will be a donation of £1 for refreshments.

Here are some of the things that we offer to our members:
• Evening lectures by specialist speakers.
• Social events.
• Research activities that you can get involved with.
•.A chance to learn about the area in which we live.

All our events offer a chance to meet other members and we pride ourselves that we offer a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

We are pleased to formally acknowledge that this site received initial funding as a result of a grant of £8,700 from the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of our First World War project. This grant, together with funding from Hoby with Rotherby Parish Council, Hoby Recreation Trust, Hoby Sunday School Trust and Hoby Church brings the total for the project to £10,200.

All Hoby and District residents, past and current, are urged to contribute their memories and photos of life in any period, right up to the present day. Please help us to make this site a success with your contributions and comments, simply  contact us.

Hoby & District Local History Society welcomes informed contributions to this website. Please note they do not necessarily represent the views of its committee nor does the committee
accept responsibility for their factual accuracy

Here is our Society constitution.

Thank you!