Hans Sussmann & Jo Bernert


Hans Sussmann  & Jo Bernert
John Simon’s Grandfathers

Hans Sussmann

Scan-6-(2)This is my paternal grandfather who volunteered and served for four years in the German cavalry mainly on the Russian front. The photo shows my grandfather mounted in his uniform. This picture was taken in October 1915. He had a miserable war. A horse was either shot from under him or fell on him, which resulted in multiple fractures of the leg. It was badly set and left him with a limp. He also contracted typhus due to appallingly unhygienic conditions. Scan-7This picture shows him (bottom left) on a hospital train and the following picture, in hospital (third from the right). Scan-8He returned from the war and took up the reins again of managing the family firm. He died in 1925 when my father was 4 years old. My father had no memory of him.

Jo Bernert

I have been able to locate 3 relevant photographs of my maternal grandfather in uniform. He also served in the German cavalry. Scan-2This is him standing holding his horse at what may be the (Western) Front. It is dated February 1916.


This is also dated 1916 shows him on the far left with others at the Front.


This shows him seated in the centre and is dated 1915.

I do not know anything about this grandfather’s war. He certainly did not talk of it save that he was a keen horseman. This is something he has passed on to our daughter. He came to this country with my grandmother and mother in 1933. He served in the Home Guard during the Second World War – see picture of Corporal Jones!Scan-5

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