Hoby Village HallAll Hoby and District Local History Society events will take place in Hoby & District Village Hall and start at 7.30pm, unless otherwise stated. Membership of the Hoby & District Local History Society costs £5.00 per annum and gives free entry to meetings. The charge for guests is £2.00 per meeting. Tea, coffee and very good cake is served after our meetings for a donation of £1.00. We pride ourselves on a welcoming and friendly atmosphere so why not come along and learn more about the area we live in.

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15th January Hoby & District Village Hall
“Death Is A Market Place Where All Men Meet – an introduction to Swithland slate headstones” by Colin Hyde

Many people have noticed Leicestershire’s rugged and characterful Swithland slates on the roofs of older buildings in the county. Quarried from Roman times to the end of the 19th century, Swithland slate has been used for many things over the years and this talk will be a look at its use for headstones in churchyards. The grey, blue and purple tinges of the slate add huge visual appeal to the region’s churchyards, while the content of the carvings – like headstones across the world – tell us something of the people and cultures that created them.

Colin has been working with oral history archives since the 1980s and is currently managing the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage project at the University of Leicester. Colin also has an interest in local history in Leicestershire & Rutland, and photographing and recording urban and rural environments, which is how the current talk developed.

18th March Hoby & District Village Hall
“Reading Houses II – Interiors” by Janet Spavold

Janet Spavold has studied buildings for most of her life, and this talk illustrates the range of domestic interiors from the late middle ages to modern times.  It considers how and why changes came about, and how to identify interiors from different periods. The illustrations are drawn on local examples and examples from other parts of the country.

20th May Hoby & District Village Hall
“The History of Walled Kitchen Gardens in Leicestershire & Rutland” by Sue Blaxland

Leicestershire and Rutland Gardens Trust is working on a research project to create a Register of Walled Kitchen Gardens in the two counties.  Now, often derelict or put to other uses, these gardens are recognised as forming an important part of our social and garden history.

Sue Blaxland is a committee member of Leicestershire & Rutand Gardens Trust and leads the Trust’s project on walled kitchen gardens. She taught garden design and garden history in adult education, including at Brooksby College. During her years with the Gardens Trust, she has gained extensive experience in garden history research.

15th July Guided Walk
“Grace Dieu Priory Guided Walk” with The Friends of Grace Dieu

16th September Hoby & District Village Hall
“Historic Graffiti” by James Wright

18th November Hoby & District Village Hall
“LIDAR (Light Detecting & Ranging) – Exposure & Interpretation of Historic Landscapes” By Matt Beamish

9th December Hoby & District Village Hall
Members Evening