Project outline:

Title Hoby Village Trail
Summary • To provide a walking trail through the village of Hoby that primarily identifies the dwellings with family members who were directly or indirectly involved with the WW1.• Using a 3D impression overview it will aim to represent the village at it looked in the period 1911 to 1918 including the social and economic life before, during and after the WW!

• The narrative will be linked to the WW1 publication and other photographic/ephemera records being collected by the Society

Key activities and outcomes • A folded A4 leaflet or similar
• Engage residents in the history of their own dwellings [if they were of that era]
• Specifically develop material that can be used by young people , other groups, visiting the village through having a permanent display [in Church, Village Hall, Chapel or Blue Bell]
• Present an understanding of the social and economic life of the community in that period
• Create a set of material for access on the Society’s website – eg a virtual village trail
Lead person Angus Walker ( )
Support person(s)
Expected Completion date
Costs and funding  Leaflets – might seek Brewery support
Other help or resources required