Project outline:



Title Hoby’s Great War – A Theatrical Presentation
Summary • To portray Hoby life in the period 1913 to 1919 and the impact WW1 had on the village
• Through the selection of specific families to describe different aspects at home and out on the war front
• To understand what the war meant to different individuals and families including life thereafter
Key activities and outcomes • An event in the church on the weekend of 15/16 May 2015• It will combine Multimedia, Recording, Prerecorded elements for website, Speaking voices, Poetry, Live Music, Photographs slides, Pathe News, Posters, Newspapers, Music hall, Actors

• Life includes: sport, music, dancing, links with wider areas. farming, hunting, trade, pubs, Sports clubs, Fishing, Shooting, Poaching, Relationships marriage accidents, Family celebrations, church, chapel, reading room, railway, canal, Transport, books, magazines, shopping, police, army, councils, newspapers, radio, Melton market, crops, Rationing Pub life different bars, Use of school for community purposes Workhouse Parochial view becomes regional and national, Boer war, Who went how recruited, What regiments, Protected jobs, Horses, Blacksmiths

Lead person Angus Walker ( )
Support person(s) Frisby Players are in support including production and technical advice; others are being sought in both the creative and performance elements
Expected Completion date  16 May 2015
Costs and funding  Draft budget
Other help or resources required  Links to other Society projects