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The condition of items in this Section appears to be satisfactory unless otherwise stated.

500 ROYAL ARMS  Ph  TOWER, W wall

Arms of George III (r.1760-1820). Painted on canvas applied to a wooden panel within a dark oak frame. Bat dropping deposits on lower part.

h. 241 x w. 226 cm approximately.


502  PLAQUES  Ph SANCTUARY, E wall flanking the High Altar

1 Two painted aluminium plaques of the Creed and The Lord’s Prayer are each in an oak frame with a carved and gilded top edge of brattishing. The hand-painted text is in black gothic script with highlighted letters in red, blue and gilded.

2 Aluminium, oak, paint

3 Circa 1913

4 Frame h. 97 (at highest point) x w. 41cm

5 Miss Alice Erskine (ref a)

6 –

7 Much work was carried out in the chancel by Miss Erskine and she is thought to have painted these panels in the years leading up to the outbreak of WW1 (ref a)

10 a) (23.01.19)


Above the window arch, and following its curve, on the stonework of the east wall are very faint painted letters in gothic caps. What is written is mostly obscured by the later application of painted wooden panels which also follow the curve of the arch. These faint words are mainly indecipherable although ‘THE…..’ which begins the text can be deciphered.

504      PRINT  Ph S AISLE, S wall

1 Framed and glazed print of a diagrammatical drawing taken from a reduced-scale rubbing, taken on 8th December 2004. (ref a) It shows the placement of William Villiers of Brokesby, his wife, Joane Belers, and their coats of arms on the Villiers Brass. It is black on white paper surrounded by a cream mount. The following text, printed in Roman capitals, is in an aperture at the lower edge: THE VILLIERS BRASS c. 1480. ALL SAINTS, HOBY. See Memorials 011 for this memorial.

2 Paper, card, oak, glass

3 8th December, 2004 4    h.59.5 x w. 34cm

5      Dr. Bernard A. Juby, Hon. F.H.S. (ref a)

6-7    –

8      Dr. Bernard A. Juby, Hon. F.H.S. (ref a)

9       –

10      a) Hoby and District Local History Society.


Glazed and framed notice of the restoration, augmentation, rehanging and refitting of the Hoby church bells. On a white card with black and red type, in a golden wood- effect plastic frame. The central text is wholly bordered by double, narrow black lines. The text is as follows:

CHURCH   OF   ALL   SAINTS’,    HOBY/Bell/Founder/Date/Weight/Treble/John Taylor & Co, Loughborough/1895/4-2-26/2/Hugh Watts, Leicester/Circa 1600/4-3- 3/3/Thomas Newcombe, Leicester/1604/5-0-6/4/Hugh Watts, Leicester/Circa 1600/6-2-7/Tenor/John Taylor & Co, Loughborough/1895/8-0-23/the tenor sounds the note A (882 Hz)/The bells were restored, augmented and rehung with new fittings in an iron and steel bell frame in 1895/The tenor bell was re-hung on ball bearings in 1989 and the fittings of the remaining four bells were refurbished and these bells re- hung on ball bearings during 2006/JOHN TAYLOR BELLFOUNDERS LTD/THE BELL FOUNDRY, LOUGHBOROUGH, LEICESTERSHIRE/ENGLAND, LE11 1AR.

h. 30.5 x w. 43.5cm

506      PAYMENT RECORD  Ph TOWER, W wall

Framed and glazed black and white photocopy from the church accounts book detailing the cost and payments for the Holy church organ. Text is handwritten. Printed label across lower edge in caps: COST AND PAYMENT FOR HOBY ORGAN 1875/6 BY REV GILBERT BERESFORD. Mahogany-coloured plastic frame with gilt beaded edging.

h. 24 x w. 33.5cm

507      PRINT  Ph N AISLE, window ledge

1 A print of a pen and ink drawing of the ‘Praying Hands’, also known as ‘Study of the Hands of an Apostle’, by the artist Albrecht Durer. It is surrounded by a black mount with a gold washline, glazed and in a black and gilt metallic frame with a back strut.

2 Card, metal, glass

3 Third quarter of 20th c 4 h. 22 x w. 16cm

5-6 –

7 The original drawing was created in 1508 and is in the Albertina museum in Vienna.

8-10 –

Plan of piers to identify items 508-512

508     TEXT FOR VISITORS  Ph NAVE, pier C

1 Printed text addressed to visitors and three biblical quotations on discoloured white paper, bordered by a narrow line in cream. Glazed and in a brown wooden frame.

The lettering is Roman in two sizes, the main text having larger lettering with the initial W illuminated. Print company details at lower left and right hand corners of text.

2 Paper, glass, wood

3 –

4 h. 25.5 x w. 32cm

5 –

6 Text printed by Mowbrays 154 in Great Britain.

7-10 –

509     DRAWING  Ph NAVE, pier A

1 Drawing of a mural fragment and text of Reformation verse on wall plaster. The drawing over three strips of paper shows a sporting scene with a male figure dressed in 16th century costume. The handwritten verse is in gothic script. The text is a four- line stanza:

“Praier to God is the onely meane
To preserve all from a wicked queane.
He that most feared to break God’s behest
Is he that liveth and serveth him best.”

Handwritten on the mount: HOBY – / Aug:28th/ – 1899 – /. Glazed and in a black wooden frame with a gold fillet.

2 Paper, glass, wood 3 1899

4 h.40 x w. 37cm

5-6 –

7 The description and history of the mural and text are given in the framed notice described at 510. The verse was written by Rev Henry Joliffe, the rector who resigned his living in 1562 and took refuge in the Hoby house containing the mural, thought to be Holm Cottage.

8-10 –


Text in printed caps and l/c on white paper with detailed explanation of the Hoby Mural and Reformation Verse shown in the drawing described at 509. Glazed and in a black plastic frame with gilt beaded edging.

h. 33.5 x w. 24.5cm

511       PLAQUE   Ph NAVE, pier C

A rectangular piece of grey slate hanging from the pillar by a short length of copper wire which has been threaded through a centrally placed hole along the top edge. The word: ‘peace’ has been hand written, l/c, in white at the centre of the plaque.

h. 9.5 x w. 14cm


Hand written list in black ink with first letter of the names in gold, on white paper, surrounded by a white mount with a black washline. The script is gothic, caps and l/c. Glazed and in an oak frame, fixed to the pillar top and bottom by metal mirror plates.

h. 69.5 x w. 35.5cm

Ralph de HobyVicar1220-1223
Stephen de Heydone1223-1255
Robert de Merton1255-1274
Walter de Merton1274-1277
Thomas de Russeldon1277-1278
Roger de Leyre1278-1318
John de Segue1318-1343
Stephen Copus1343-1358
Thomas de Eccleston1358-1384
John Frekylton1384-1424
Mathew Edwych1424-1436
Robert Barkere1436-1460
Robert Smyth1460-1461
John Strode1461-1470
William Ottway1470-1479
John Shepton1479-1498
Richard Smyth1498-1521
John Burges1521-1534
George Beveage1534-1537
Henry Joliffe1537-1562
Richard Smyth1562-1581
William ReadeRector1581-1614
Mathias Stampion1614-1640
John Rhodes1640-1642
Thomas Rawson1642-1646
Edward Clarke1662-1697
Richard Coxe1697-1714
John Steele1714-1716
Andrew Burnaby1716-1722
Robert Browne1722-1732
Henry Browne1732-1743
Henry Browne1743-1784
Henry Browne1784-1838
Gilbert Beresford1838-1844
Gilbert Beresford1844-1899
Edward Beresford1899-1922
Hans Beresford1922-1949
Thomas Howell-Evans1949-1958
Vivian Asher1958-1976
Richard Chatham1976-1985
Anthony Wibberley1986-1990
Graham Spencer1993-1999
Howard Flint2000-


Printed text in Roman caps and l/c detailing the life of Hugh Beresford. Glazed and in a black plastic frame.

h.32 x w. 23cm

514     WALL PAINTING   Ph N wall, over vestry door

Over the arch of the vestry door, following the curve of the arch on the stonework are very faint painted letters in gothic caps. The lettering is so faint and indistinct that it is not possible to decipher what is written there.

Height of individual letters 27cm.


Black and blue printed certificate on white paper. Glazed and in a black plastic frame with gold fillet. The central text in italic style caps and l/c, is partially bordered by an interlaced pattern. Text is as follows: Melton Millennium Fund/Award Certificate/The Melton Millennium Fund is pleased to have been able to support/Hoby District Council. The sponsors of the fund have their logos along the top of the certificate: Melton Borough Council/Pedigree Masterfoods/Melton Mowbray Building Society. The certificate is dated 18th December, 2000.

h.33 x w. 24cm

516       PRINT  Ph VESTRY

A copy of a black and white print on white paper of an engraving of All Saints, Hoby, from the south side. In the centre of the top border is the title: HOBY in shaded caps, along with the reference: Vol.111. PL. XL. p. 266. (print taken from John Nichols’ The History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester.) At the lower right hand corner of the print is an indecipherable signature. Surrounded by a double mount in cream and dark green, the print is glazed and in a black plastic frame with narrow gold edging.

h. 30 x w. 35.5cm


Lightning Conductor Test Certificate No. 0396 from Peter Uttridge& Company Limited and dated 18th September 2015. Printed on white paper mainly in black with blue and red. Script is a mixture of typefaces, printed, typed and hand written, in several sizes of caps and l/c. Glazed and in a black and gilt plastic frame.

h.32 x w. 28cm


1 Historical document of the 1730 survey and inventory giving details of glebe, lands and property in the parish of Hoby, owned by the Church of England and held by the clergyman as part of the endowment of his benefice. The document is hand written in ink on parchment which has been flattened from being previously being folded into sixteen equal parts. (ref a) There is some damage especially in the lower left hand square. The document is surrounded by a narrow natural-coloured mount, glazed and in a wooden frame.

2 Parchment, paper, linen, glass, wood

3 Document: 1730

4 h.92 x w. 88.5cm

5-9 –

10 a) Hoby and District History Society. The Hoby Glebe Terrier was transcribed by Caroline Ellis in 2014.


Printed certificate on white paper with a background of narrow, vertical pink stripes around a central cartouche of white and royal coats of arms at the top left and right corners. Glazed and in a black painted wooden frame. The script is a mixture of printed copper plate and hand written italic, cap and l/c. Text: The Royal Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland/INSTITUTION FOR THE BLIND/Presented to/HOBY AND ROTHERBY/Mothers Union/For Services Rendered/1972

h. 26.5 x w. 21.5cm


Hand written quotation in black ink on paper from Acts IV verse 13. Script is gothic, caps and l/c, with extended and flourished caps in royal blue. Text is followed by the date: March 9th 1913. Glazed and in a dark brown painted wooden frame. Text:

They took their knowledge of
them, that they had been
with Jesus.

h.32 x w. 27cm