Getting more from this web site

The purpose of this page is to explain a little bit more about how to use this web site in order to maximise your enjoyment of it. Many of the operations are as you would expect from any web site however some features are explained here that will help you get around the site.

Within the website information is contained in both Pages and Posts. There are differences in their functionality but for the users these are not important differences.

Pictures and images

Clicking on any picture imbedded in a page/post will generally give an enlarged image of that picture. To return to the page/post click outside the image.

Home page and menus

Picture1The home page is not unlike many websites with a menu structure across the top:

Home is this start page.
The Society gives information on the Hoby & District Local History Society including our events calendar.
History will be used to give a chronological history of our area but is yet to be populated.
People gives references to people in our region.
Places gives the research on significant places.
First World War captures some extensive research that has been/is being done on Hoby in the First World War.
Contact Us is where you can generate an email to us.
Gallery pulls together a range of photos of our area.

On the right is a table of recent posts on the web site and clicking on the title will take you to the post

Below are recent posts related to each of the villages Hoby, Rotherby, Brooksby and Ragdale in our area.

 Navigating menus

Picture3Holding your cursor over any of the menu element will cause the text to turn green. Where there are additional menu elements (ie where there is a > or a ∨) these will also be displayed. Clicking on the menu element will take you to the page/post. In this example the HOBY ROLL OF HONOUR will be opened. Or you could have moved the cursor across to HOBY ROLL OF HONOUR A-H which would take you to the next level down.




Finding other Pages or Posts

Not all the pages/posts will appear on the menus above. On many views there will be related posts either in the side bar or beneath the Post. You may also see some Tags displayed which will take you to an archive of posts with the same tag.  Failing any of these use the search boxes which can be used to search the whole site.

Post thumbnails

Picture2In many areas of the website you will find thumbnails related to various posts, usually grouped as posts related in some way. These can be used as follows

Click on the post title will take you directly to the post

Click on the image will take you directly to the post

Click on the Category box will take you to an archive of all the posts that relate to that Category. In this example clicking on Biographies will take you to a page of thumbnails, one for each post that has been categorised as Biographies. Note that a post can have many Categories so the same post could appear in many archives.

Hot keys and links

You will find a number of “hot keys” that will enable you to move around the site.

When the text is green as in About us, clicking on it will take you to a different page/post or even to a page on a different website.

More information Clicking on the button will take you to a different page/post or even to a page on a different website.