Wilfred Elton

2286 Tpr. W M ELTON
On the 1st October 1914 Wilfred Miles Elton, then living in the Leicestershire village of Hoby, enlisted into the army. He became Trooper, 2286, W. M. Elton, ‘A’ Squadron, Leicestershire Yeomanry. Early the following year he married Evelyn Maud Rollett, one of the daughters of the late Gibson Rollet, and Evangeline Rollett of the Old Hall, Thurmaston. On the 28th May 1915 he arrived in France with his unit to join the British Expeditionary Force (B.E.F.). Later in the year, on the 12th September 1915, he joined the Headquarters of the 7th Cavalry Brigade, serving with the same until the 17th April 1918. He served with the B.E.F. until the 16th June 1918, and then returned to England.

During 1917, with army renumbering, Wilfred Miles Elton had become Private, 225315, W. M. Elton, Corps of Hussars. In 1918 his home address was at the Old Hall, 17, Canal Street, Thurmaston. Having suffered wounds, he was discharged from the army on the 18th July 1919.

1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal. (The Austrey)