Edward Woodford


Edward Woodford
Ivy Woodford’s Great Uncle

fEdward Woodford (Ted) was my great uncle and he lived in one of the cottages in Back Lane, Hoby with his brother Thias and his sister Mary Anne. During the war he was a Private in the 5th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers and he is listed on the Roll of Honour that is fixed to the North Aisle Wall in All saints Church Hoby.

For many years Ted was the Church sexton and he was responsible for the care and up-keep of the Church building. He used to light the anthracite stove on a Friday so the Church would be warm for the Sunday services. In those days hot air was released through fancy metal grills in the floor of the Church and Ted ensured it was always working perfectly. I don’t remember Ted but I’m told he had enormous hands and use to wear white gloves during services.

Aunt Mary Anne did the Church cleaning and the accounts book records that they were paid around £9 per year between them for carrying out these duties. Despite cleaning for the Church of England Mary Anne was a Methodist and attended Chapel regularly.

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