NADFAS Report on All Saints, Hoby, Leicestershire 01-900 Introduction

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ALL SAINTS, HOBY, LEICESTERSHIRE, LE14 3DR in the diocese of Leicestershire. The AS Record of Church Furnishings 2020 by the Leicester Group commenced in 2017  during the incumbency of the Reverend David Harknett. 

Church of England reference number 619177 
OS Grid reference SK669173 

The fine medieval ironstone and limestone church of All Saints in the Parish of the Upper  Wreake is situated in an elevated position as you approach Hoby from the village of  Brooksby, its spire visible for many miles across the neighbouring farmland. The church was  built around 1216 although the bases of the pillars in the nave suggest that a much earlier  Norman, or even Saxon church existed on this site. All Saints is most fortunate and unusual in  retaining not one but two original stone mensae, one forming the high altar and the other the  altar in the Lady Chapel in the south aisle; also in the south aisle there is a very early  limestone coffin lid, possibly of the 13th century. In the churchyard by the south door is an  ancient limestone base and shaft of a stone cross, believed to be a preaching cross.  

Whilst the church is predominantly 13th and 14th century, the clerestory was added in the 15th century and the church was restored and the chancel rebuilt by Ewan Christian in 1863-4.  Much of the interior decoration in the chancel, painted panels in the high altar, painted  woodwork in the roof, decorated, Perpendicular-style rood screen and the east and south  windows were carried out between 1914 and 1920 as a memorial to the Beresford family. The  latter provided rectors for Hoby cum Rotherby for many years, the first, Reverend Gilbert  Beresford, who became rector in 1838, the last, Reverend Hans Aden Beresford, who died in  1949. The Beresford family continued to hold the living of Hoby until 1976 when Miss  Pamela Beresford transferred the responsibility to the Bishop of Leicester. The memorial wall  tablets in the chancel are dominated by those of the Beresfords. 

This Record has been sponsored by Leicester Arts Society.


001 – 099 Memorials Ruth Ledbury & Keith Randon 
100 – 199 Metalwork Helen Long & Elisabeth Watkin
200 – 299 Stonework Diane Hall & Ann Lewis 
300 – 399 Woodwork Helen Brewin & Sue Croft 
400 – 499 Textiles Elisabeth Watkin 
500 – 599 Paintings, etc Suzanne Barnacle 
600 – 699 Library Ruth Turner 
700 – 799 Windows Michael Phillips & Judith Windley
800 – 899 Miscellaneous Julian John and Georgina Jones 

Group Leader Diane Hall & Ann Lewis 
Photographer David Morley 
Compiler Ann Lewis 

Where possible, the numbering of each Section starts at the east end of the church and  continues clockwise around the church. 

The numbers 1 – 10 in the left hand margin, under the item numbers, refer to: 

1 Description 
2 Material 
3 Date 
4 Measurements h. = height, w. = width, d. = depth, l. = length, wt. = weight
5 Artist, Architect, Designer, Sculptor, Woodworker etc. 
6 Manufacturer or Retailer 
7 History of item and family, if relevant 
8 Donor and date of gift 
9 Memorial inscription or dedication 
10 References 


The Leicester Group gratefully acknowledges the help, guidance and information they have  received from: 

Andrew Ferrar, The Pewter Society 
Angela Goedicke, Church Recording Team, Training and Education 
Diane Cox, Church Recording Expert 
Elizabeth Chalmers, Church Recording Expert 
James Wright, Arts Society Lecturer 
Joyce Wallis, Church Recording Expert  
Leicester Record Office 
Margaret McLain, Church Recorders Area Representative, East Midlands
Victor Allsop and Maureen Coleman, Church Wardens 
Martin Paling, Tower Captain  
Peter Cormack, MBE, FSA, Hon FMGP, Stained Glass Expert 
Sophia Tobin, Assistant Librarian, Goldsmiths Co. 
William Hopkinson, Arts Society Expert, Latin and Greek 

ABBREVIATIONS used in this Record: 

approx approximate 
c. century, eg. 14th c or circa, eg c 1910 
caps & l/c capital letters & lower case 
circum circumference 
cm centimetres 
m metre 
diam. diameter 
Dr Drawing 
g grams 
Ph (s) Photograph(s) 
p page 

REFERENCES used in this record

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Terminology is mostly as used in: 

Inside Churches – A Guide to Church Furnishings published by NADFAS 1993  
Recording a Church: An Illustrated Glossary by Thomas Cocke, Donald Findlay, Richard  Halsey and Elizabeth Williamson, published by the Council for British Archaeology, 1996. 

SUMMARY OF NAMES in this Record: 

(excluding the War Memorial [025], Roll of Honour [026], Chancel Roof [372 A], the  Register of Ministers [512, 605 B i], Registers and Records [600], Poor law Documents [600], Bibles [605], Prayer Books [606], Books of Holy Communion [607], Memorial Book [610],  World War I Remembered [611] and Service Booklets [612]. 

? Anthonye 027 
? Margery 027 
ALLSOP Victor 105, 339, 407, 606, 610,  613, 700-720 
ASHER Mary 339 
ASHER Revd Degwel Vivian Stephen 029, 339, 512, 605 Bi
BAILEY Ellen Brett 014 
BEATTY Admiral 325 
BERESFORD Agnes 033, 106, 107, 701
BERESFORD Anne 004, 701 
BERESFORD Annie Mary 030, 701
BERESFORD Hugh Richard 030, 407 A ii, 513
BERESFORD Lt Col Percy William 701
BERESFORD Major A.J. Havelock 701
BERESFORD Major William C. 701
BERESFORD Mary Anne 007
BERESFORD Pamela 613
BERESFORD Revd Edward Aden 031, 368 B, 368 D, 512,  605 Bi, 802 A, 701 
BERESFORD Revd Gilbert 004, 007, 032, 104, 124,  506, 512, 605 Bi, 701, 800 
BERESFORD Revd Hans Aden 030, 512, 605
Bi BERESFORD Thomas 701
BLACKWELL Patricia 610
BOULTON David 123
BROWN José 105
BROWNE Revd Henry 003, 004, 512, 605
Bi BROWNE Hannah 003, 004
BROWNE Henry 006 BROWNE Ann 006, 034
BROWNE Revd Robert 012, 028, 034, 512, 601 
Bi BROWNE Anne 028
BURNHAM James Reginald 123, 303
BUSK Capt Hans 613
CAWLEY Revd David 315
COLEMAN Maureen 105, 610, 700-720
COLEMAN Victor A 407 A vi
COWLEY David 123, 351
COWMAN Thomas Leslie 605 B i
COXE John 002
COXE Richard 002
COXE Sarah 002
COXE BROWNE John 005, 028
CRANE William 407 A vi
ELDRED William E 407 A iii
ERSKINE Alice 200, 301, 308, 370 A,  700, 701, 709 
FELSTEAD Arthur 407 A iii
GAMBLE Charels E 407 A v
HARRIS William 407 A v
HASSALL Robert 701
HAY Frederick, Donaldson 701
HAZELWOOD Mr 347, 368 B, 368 D
HENSON Thomas Wright 124
HENTON Thomas 015, 016, 019, 020, 022,  023, 024 
HENTON William 015, 017
HENTON Damarris 015
HENTON Jane 016
HENTON Elizabeth 016, 017, 019, 023
HENTON Hannah 017
HENTON Joanna 020, 022, 024
HENTON Alice 022
HENTON George 023
HENTON Ann 023
JEFFS Harry 407 A i
JOLIFFE Henry 509, 512, 605 Bi
JUBY Dr Bernard A. 504
MORRIS Alan 801
ODOM Alan 319
PALING Martin 124
PARES Thomas 033
PICK Walter 407 A i
ROGAN Peter Associates Ltd 370 A, 370 B, 370 D,  370 F 
SCOTT Gilbert 349
SHARP George H 407 A iv
SHARPE John 001 
SHARPE Marie 001 
SHELTON Keith 123
SPINK Wm. 102
STANDLEY Sarah Anne 012, 021
STANDLEY Thomas 012
TARRANT Dora Kathleen Beatrice 610
TINSLEY Richard 123
VILLIERS Joane (Belers) 011, 504
VILLIERS William 011, 504
WALLIN Annie 114 C,
WARD John E 407 A iv
WARNER Andrew 610
WARNER Sheila 610 
WATTS Revd J W 308 
WHEATLEY John C 407 A ii
WIBBERLEY Revd Fr A. N. 110, 512, 605 Bi
WILLIAMSFORD Harry Percy 709 
WOTTON Marjorie Dagmar 014 
WOTTON Thomas 014 
WRIGHT Lisa 610 

SUMMARY OF ARTISTS, SCULPTORS, MANUFACTURERS, ETC: (excluding general printers and publishers) 

Christian, Ewan 202, 219 C, 502 

Erskine, Alice 200, 301, 308 
Scott, Gilbert 349 

Bell Founders:
Mears & Stainbeck, Whitechapel 123 
Newcombe, Thomas, Leicester 506, 124 
Symondson, Henry & Sons, London 123 
Taylor, John & Co., Loughborough 506, 123, 124 
Watts, Hugh, Leicester 506, 124 

Geary, Tony 610   

Belton, A E 802 A 
Beresford, Revd E A 308
Beresford, Miss E 308 
Bosnett, Frisby 802A 
Hazelwood, T 308, 347, 368 B,  368 D, 802 A 
Odom, Alan, Rotherby 319 
Posnett and Son 368 B 
Watts, Revd J W 308 

Kent, James 810 

Church furnishers:
House of Vanheems Ltd. London 404 B, 404 C 
Jacksons, Hebden Bridge 407 A 
Wippell, J. & Co. Ltd. 403 

Clock restorers:
English Clockmakers,  Biggin-by-Hulland 801

Cobb, Lee 407 

Fire Extinguishers:
Commercial & Avon Fire Protection Service 806 C 

Organ builder and installer:
Collins, Peter, Organ Builders, Melton Mowbray 800 
Taylor, J H Ltd., Leicester 800 
Taylor, S., Leicester 800 

Pewter and silversmiths:
Carpenter & Hamburger 104 
Franklin, Hurst & Co. Ltd. 102 
Jones, D & Willis 114 A 
Slabbinck, Bruges 105 
Terrey, John Edward 100 

Printers and publishers:
Clowes, William & Sons 608 C 
Edmondson, T. S. 605 E 
Mowbray’s 508 

Stained glass artists and makers:  
 Erskine, Alice 700, 701, 709 
Lincolnshire Glass Studio 702
Lowndes & Drury 700, 701, 709 

Stone masons and sculptors:
Broadbent and Hanley 003 
Charles, W 019
Woolerton, Rearsby 024 

Tile makers:
Minton & Company 802 B