People at the Waterhouse

A gathering at the Waterhouse.

Guide to people below:



Names with addresses where known:

Ada Taylor – Chapel House
Cybil Ellison –
Cybil Ellison’s sister Coult?
Margaret James – Waterhouse
Daisy James – Waterhouse
Mary Worral
Tom Taylor – Back Lane
Fred Gumbril – Chapel Lane
Edward Woodford – Back Lane
Mrs. Taylor – Chapel House
Charlie Whyard – Shop on Main Street
Mrs Garner – Main street
Mary Anne Woodford – Back Lane
Eddie Garner – Main Street
Charlie Worrell – blacksmith The Forge Main Street
Ernie Shelton – Main Street
Tom Ward – Chapel lane
George Boulter – Main Street
Mrs Boulter – Main Street
May Lucas – Opposite Church
Mary Kirby – Opposite Church
Mrs Tom Taylor – Back Lane
Mrs Pickard – Church View Main Street
Mrs Whyard – Shop on Main Street
Florrie Grumbril – Chapel Lane