Emily Vipas


Emily Vipas – Karen Ardron’s Grandmother

This is the story of Emily Vipas. Emily was born in 1896 in York, Yorkshire to Walter and Annie Vipas.

Emily Vipas August 1915

Emily Vipas

Emily was the second youngest, one of seven she had four brothers and two sisters. Her father was an Inn Keeper and her mother a home-maker. They all lived in Castle Howard at the Ox public house, Townend Street, York, Yorkshire.

Emily Vipas August 1915

August 1915

In 1915 during the outbreak of the First World War Emily volunteered to care for the sick and wounded. See Voluntary Aid Detachment.

Emily Vipas February 1918

February 1918

Then after the war she went on to train as a nurse at The London Hospital, training dates 23rd October 1919 to 16th February 1924, she was part of the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing service. At the end of training she was called a Staff Nurse.

In 1929 she married Albert Pearce who was the son of Frederick and Alice Pearce from Bishopstone Common Brinsop the District of Weobley, Hereford. Albert had been in the Royal Fusiliers 3rd London Battalion, his father had been a soldier, a sergeant in the South Wales Borders. In the later years of Albert’s army career they were stationed in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) at the Imperial army camp in Diyatalawa in the hills near Columbo. They went on to have four children, Reginald, Jane and twins Nigel and Rose Marie, the latter being my mother, who was born in Ceylon. Their stay in Sri Lanka came to an abrupt end when Emily developed a terminal illness. They went back to Britain to stay with family, sadly Emily died in 1937 in Lancashire.

My mother Rose Marie, Emily’s daughter, became a children’s nurse, training at Myrtle Street Liverpool and the Northern Hospital Liverpool. I became a Staff Nurse in 1980, training at the Liverpool Infirmary which later became The Liverpool Royal. A history of nursing has continued in the family as my daughter became a nurse following a Nursing degree in Coventry.

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