Fred Sheffield


Fred Sheffield
Janet Morris’s Great Uncle

A young Fred Sheffield joined the British Army at the age of 18 years in 1904. He was in 1st Battalion the Leicestershire Regiment. After serving for 12 years he was killed on the battlefields of France on 3rd March 1916; he left a widow and one child. He was awarded The Star and Clasp medal and The British War and Victory medals for his services during the Great War.IMG_0001

Fred was the younger brother of my grandfather George Sheffield. Grandfather who survived the Great War had been gassed badly in the trenches and suffered the after effects for the rest of his life. He died aged 62 in 1946.

The following poem was written by Fred and George’s Aunt, L Furnival, as a tribute to Fred after he died. My father kept this poem safe all his life and it now belongs to my Uncle.IMG_0002

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