David Beatty A Grateful Nation


David Beatty
1st Earl Beatty of Brooksby and the North Sea
A Grateful Nation

Portrait_drawing_of_Admiral_Earl_BeattyAt the end of the First World War a grateful nation showered David with honours. On 6th August David became an earl, Baron Beatty of the North Sea and Brooksby, with a courtesy title of Viscount Borodale for his eldest son. He also received a parliamentary grant of £100,000. IMG_2198He was granted the freedom of major cities around the United Kingdom and was awarded honours from the Ottoman Empire, China, Japan and other countries too numerous to mention. Amongst many gifts presented to David was an exquisite silver cigar box from the King, a magnificent silver galleon from Glasgow, a beautiful silver dish from Chester and another silver cigar box IMG_2263from all the ratings of the lower deck of the Royal Navy.


IMG_2268 freedom-casket-presented-to-admiral-of-the-fleet-sir-3686277freedom-casket-presented-to-admiral-of-the-fleet-sir-3686270IMG_2266

David appeared on postage stamps, in cartoons and on cigarette cards; he was made in to “Toby Jugs”, wooden figurines and commemorative Jutland medallions were issued. IMG_2224toby-jug-modelled-as-a-seated-figure-of-admiral-david-3689434Beatty-Medallions-Amw36874large
When he returned to Brooksby, school children from surrounding villages were brought to line the lanes and wave the Union Jack. The comings and goings of Earl and Countess Beatty were widely reported in the Melton Mowbray Times.

David, with his cap at a rakish angle, six buttons on his jacket instead of eight and firm jaw jutting into the breeze was every inch the matinee idol.