Sir Horace Lambert Alexander Hood


Rear-Admiral The Hon. Sir Horace Lambert Alexander Hood KCB MVO DSO lost his life aged 45 on board HMS Invincible

Horace Lambert Alexander Hood

Rear Admiral Horace Hood

Horace Hood was born in Mayfair, London and joined the navy aged 12. He has been described as “the beau ideal of a naval officer, spirited in manner, lively of mind, enterprising, courageous, handsome, and youthful in appearance … His lineage was pure Royal Navy, at its most gallant”. Sir Horace’s actions in the battle are claimed to have saved the British Battlecruiser Fleet from destruction.

Horace Lambert Alexander Hood

HMS Invincible

After the battle Admiral Beatty said “you should have seen him bring his squadron into action, it would have done your heart good, no one could have died a more glorious death.” His early death met with mourning and accolades from across Britain.