Captain Stanley Venn Ellis


Captain Stanley Venn Ellis RN died aged 40 in command of HMS Defence

Stanley Venn Ellis was the eldest son of the Reverend Venn Ellis Rector of Alderton, Woodbridge, Suffolk. He married Kathleen Beaven on 23 August 1900 in British Columbia. Stanley was promoted to the rank of Captain in January 1916 and took command of HMS Defence in the same month.

Captain Stanley Venn Ellis

HMS Defence

HMS Defence was a minotaur class armoured cruiser and during the battle was the flagship of Rear-Admiral Sir Robert K Arbuthnot. Escorting the main body of the Grand Fleet the Defence was fired upon by one German battlecruiser and four dreadnoughts as she attempted to engage a disabled German light cruiser. She was struck by two salvos from the German ships that detonated her rear magazine. The fire from that explosion spread to the ship’s secondary magazines which then exploded. There were no survivors.