Captain John Wintour


Captain John Wintour lost his life aged 44 in command of HMS Tipperary

Charles Wintour was born on 31st December 1871 in High Hoyland, West Yorkshire and was the son of Rev Fitzgerald and Mrs Isabella Wintour. He married Kathleen Keyes in 1900 and they had two children. Charles appears in the navy lists as a Midshipman in 1888 and was appointed to the rank of Captain in 1913.

Captain John Wintour

HMA Tipperary

HMS Tipperary was a Faulknor-class destroyer and led the 4th Flotilla during the battle. She was sunk on 1st June 1916 by 5.9 inch fire from the secondary battery of the German dreadnought SMS Westfalen with the loss of 185 hands from her crew of 197.